What's about?

LPLANTS is a Lindenmayer generator. You can generate fractals and beautiful plants with it. It is written in C. Output of raw-data, postscript (ps) and povray (pov) is possible. The grammar is a slightly modified L-system. The modifications make the code faster and more simple to read. There are also some new ideas for more flexibility.



Here are the best objects available to me. If you have a nice one created, send it to me and I can put it to the galery.

Here you can see some demo images.

10kB-gif plant15
Here is an bush-like structure, palm-like one and some gras: 241kB-png kind of gras

More informations


If you need more informations search for Lindenmayer on your favorit web searcher.

The tABoP-book from Dr. P. Prusinkiewicz can be downloaded on the BMV publication list (Mai2009).