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Wozu plan4tcl?

Plan4tcl ist ein in Tcl/Tk geschriebener Terminplaner von Joerg Schulenburg. Er ist kompatibel zum Terminplaner von Thomas Driemeyer ( und in der Lage, sich mit Netplan-Servern zu verbinden. Wo Tcl/Tk laeuft (Linux, Windows and Mac), laeuft auch Plan4tcl. Plan4tcl wurde geschrieben, um einige Faehigkeiten zu implementieren, die Thomas Driemeyers plan nicht hat. Plan4tcl ist jedoch nicht so flexibel einsetzbar und hat weniger Funktionen.

What's about?

Plan4tcl is a day planner written in Tcl/Tk by Joerg Schulenburg. It is compatible to the day planner of Thomas Driemeyer ( and is able to connect netplan servers for user groups. It runs where Tcl/Tk runs (Linux, Windows and Mac). It is mainly written to overcome some limits (no Windows, no resize, bugs, Xm needed) of Thomas Driemeyers plan but its not as flexible as plan and has less features.



screenshot of plan4tcl


     v0.17 - fix problems with some dates shifted (TZ related)
     v0.14 - fix problems with day shift on openSUSE-12.2
     v0.13 - fix denied read only access
     v0.12 - fix yearly entries not shown in Jan if Dec 31 is shown
     v0.11 - display a message if adding empty Note, extend the help
     v0.10 - bug fixed (wrong day showed as today during CEST)
     v0.09 - bugs fixed (WinXP no such variable $chan, server file)
     v0.08 - bugs fixed (WinXP no such variable, spaces within filename)
     v0.06 - bugs fixed (delete netplan entry flush missed, 1st..5th week)
     v0.05 - day view on left side
     v0.04 - initial version, ready for use


     - stunnel support for netplan server, secure connections
     - send a email (how to do it simple but platform independent?)